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Seeing Sean John Show seated at Cipriani’s! (try saying it 5x)

Invite and seat assignment, in hand and assistants on deck, but I can’t remember who. That’s right tonight I’m not responsible for anyone getting in. It is going to be one of those kinda nights. That’s what I said to myself as I made my exit from Grand Central Station. As I look across the street, I can see shenanigan have already started. Damn, it looks there are 2 lines. In these situation it’s best to be alone. My game plan straight up the middle, taking it directly to the head. I only have one name to drop and all my credentials, if necessary. Before I could fully get out the “t” in TJ, as in TJ of Paul Wilmont Communication. I hear the music of someone with a clipboard calling my name. Needless to say, I’m smiling and for me the velvet robe is just a Janet Jackson song.
Sean John Fall 2008 at CIPRIANI

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Egoiste, the first love.

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In 1990, Chanel introduced Egoiste with one of the most memorable commercial ever. After all the screaming, this fragrance had successfully branded my heart. After just 1 bottles, it was over leaving me to play the jilted lover. Chanel so selfishly pulled the fragrance from most major markets after just a few years. They tried to warn me, EGOISTE translated means self-serving, and selfish.

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October 21, 2014 · 6:32 am



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October 15, 2014 · 8:05 am

Social Status x Reebok Pump

Social Status x Reebok Pump – NiceKicks.com.

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The best thing in Life are Free

This Italian hotel has the best view in the world…and guests stay for FREE | 22 Words

This Italian hotel has the best view in the world…and guests stay for FREE | 22 Words.

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